Alpha Geoscience




Mineral Resource Investigations

Salt • Aggregates • Industrial Minerals • Precious Metals • Coal

  • Production potential evaluations
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Mining hazard analysis
  • Shaft analysis

Hydrogeologic Investigations

  • Geological and hydrogeologic investigations of potential cavers sites
  • Assessment of existing and post-mining ground water and surface water conditions
  • Development of process water sources
  • Cavern integrity testing and analysis

Water Inflow & Mine Flooding

  • Forensic investigations
  • Mitigation and control of mine inflow
  • Aquifer and water supply impact evaluations
  • Sinkhole evaluation, mitigation and control

Property & Environmental Impact Claims

  • Forensic evaluations
  • Sinkhole evaluations
  • Stray gas evaluations
  • Ground water contamination assessments

Permitting & Regulatory Support

  • Aggregate mines
  • Underground mines
  • Gas storage operations

Expert Opinions & Testimony

Water Resources

Water Resources

Ground Water Supply & Development

  • Well field planning and well site selection
  • Drilling services management
  • Test well & production well evaluations
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Water quality testing and evaluation
  • Surface water influence (GWUDI)

Aquifer Studies

  • Aquifer identification
  • Aquifer evaluations for unconsolidated soil and bedrock
  • Fracture trace analysis
  • Recharge area investigation
  • Water budget analysis
  • Safe yield analysis

Surface Water Supply Evaluations

  • Watershed delineations
  • Stream flow gauging
  • Water quality testing and evaluation

Spring Water Evaluation and Development

  • Spring yield and quality monitoring
  • Recharge area delineations
  • Spring water protection studies

Well Performance and Redevelopment

  • Well and well field capacity evaluations
  • Well field monitoring programs
  • Well fouling evaluations
  • Selection of redevelopment methods

Protection Studies and Protection Plans

  • Wellhead protection plans
  • Source water assessment
  • Delineation of aquifer protection zones

Ground Water and Surface Water Resource Contamination

  • Hydrocarbon, hazardous waste, and salt contaminant source and extent investigations
  • Contaminant migration evaluations
  • Remediation of ground water contamination
  • Water resource and property damage claims

Permit Support

  • Preparation of permit applications
  • Regulatory reporting
Energy Services

Energy Services

Product Storage and Transportation

  • Site selection & development
  • Hydrogeologic analysis of cavern integrity
  • Product leakage detection and evaluation

Resource Potential Evaluations

  • Geologic analysis
  • Water source investigation
  • Identification of stratigraphic formations

Hydrogeologic Investigations

  • Assessment of base-line (pre-drilling) conditions
  • Monitoring of post-drilling conditions
  • Water source evaluation and development

Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Surface water
  • Ground water
  • Wetlands
  • Cultural resources

Property & Environmental Damage Claims

  • Forensic evaluations
  • Sinkhole evaluation
  • Stray gas evaluations
  • Ground water contamination investigations
  • Change of conditions

Permit Support

  • Pre and post-condition evaluations
  • Tailings and waste disposal support
  • Surface and ground water mitigation strategies
Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Site Investigations and Remediation

  • Investigate soil, rock, ground water, and surface water impacts
  • Petroleum spill investigation and remediation
  • Petroleum storage tank removal
  • Hazardous waste site investigation
  • Brownfield assessment and remediation
  • Soil vapor intrusion evaluation

Hydrogeologic Studies

  • Wetlands evaluations
  • Baseline water quality studies
  • Landfill siting and planning

Computer Modeling

  • Regional & local hydrogeologic models
  • Contaminant fate & transport
  • Ground water mounding analysis
  • GIS & 3D visualization

Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase I ESA
  • Phase II Subsurface Investigations

Environmental Chemistry & Data Validation

Property & Environmental Damage Claims

Expert Opinion & Testimony

Expert Opinion & Testimony

Environmental and Property Damage Claims

Environmental Impacts to Water Resources from Proposed Projects, Developments, and Construction

Mine Flooding and Ground Water Inflow Issues

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Support

Land Subsidence and Sinkholes

Mineral and Water Resource Losses and Damages

Geologic and Hydrogeologic Issues

Surface and Ground Water Impacts

Forensic Evaluations to Address Causation and Timing

Petroleum Spills

Issues Related to Hazardous Waste Contamination

Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Services

Dam and Dike Stability and Failure Evaluations

Soil and Rock Investigations

Expert Opinion and Testimony

Slopes & Soil

Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

Operators of Treatment Systems for Brine, Flowback from Hydrofracturing, and Production Water from Oil and Gas Wells