We Are Environmental and Geological Consultants

Alpha Geoscience was founded in 1991 to provide specialized professional consulting services in the areas of geology, hydrology and environmental science. The professionals at Alpha have been working as consultants to industry and government since the middle 1970s. Alpha’s philosophy is to establish clear project objectives so that direct and cost-effective solution can be developed. Alpha Geoscience provides consulting services to clients throughout the United States and internationally.
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Stratigraphy of the Devonian and Upper Silurian in the Vicinity of the Retsof, Sterling, and Hampton Corners Mines in Livingston County, New York

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Caverns Near St. Louis, Missouri

Alpha Geoscience was subcontracted to characterize the geology and hydrogeology surrounding active butane and active propane storage caverns near St. Louis, Missouri. The objective of the investigation was to evaluate the integrity and tightness of the cavern host rock formations. Alpha provided drilling oversight, logged rock core, and conducted hydraulic pressure testing in the bedrock.

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New Mine at Hampton Corners, New York

Alpha Geoscience performed the initial geologic and hydrogeologic characterization for the salt mine shafts for a new mine at Hampton Corners, New York.  Alpha logged rock core; interpreted geophysical logs, and pressure tested rock core holes to identify water-bearing and gas-bearing zones.  The investigation identified a pressurized gas production zone in the Marcellus shale.  The investigation also included an assessment of the hydrogeology and potential ground water impacts from the proposed salt mine.

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Retsof Salt Mine in Livingston County, New York

Alpha Geoscience conducted a geologic and hydrogeologic investigation to gain an understanding of the hydrogeologic system in the area of the former Retsof Salt Mine in Livingston County, New York. The Retsof Salt Mine flooded after a collapse in 1994. Alpha developed and implemented a remedial plan to control rising brine from the salt mine. Alpha’s scope of responsibilities includes monitoring brine movement, technical analysis, negotiation and coordination with federal, state, and county agencies and municipalities. The brine is being pumped from a series of production wells in the aquifers above the mine and desalinated using a 3-effect vacuum distillation process.

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Quality Assurance for the United States Air Force

Served as independent third-party, and provided Quality Assurance / Quality Control and oversight of field activities and technical support to the USAF under three consecutive contracts (2010-2013) for performing delineation, remediation, and restoration of a fuel oil spill that impacted soil and ground water beneath private residential townhomes at a former Air Force building in Plattsburgh, NY.  Reviewed the Air Force contractor’s plans and deliverables for conformance with regulatory requirements and industry practices; prepared independent weekly reports to document field oversight of all investigations, sampling, remedial excavating, and site restoration; and interpreted hydrogeologic and environmental data for submittal to the public and state agencies to achieve spill closure. Documents included Work Plans for multiple investigations, subsurface geophysics, Interim Remedial Actions, water quality monitoring, monitoring foundation settlement, contractor health & safety, sediment and erosion control, community air monitoring, laboratory methods and data validation, and multiple reports for spill delineation, post-excavation soil and ground water sampling and monitoring, and interior and exterior restoration.  Alpha’s role included interfacing with homeowners and stakeholders to interpret technical information, attending public meetings, and providing support to legal counsel.

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