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Our History

Alpha Geoscience was founded in 1991 to provide specialized consulting services in the areas of geology, hydrology, natural resources, chemistry and environmental sciences. The senior level professionals at Alpha began working as consultants as early as the mid 1970's and have applied their expertise to a variety of projects for industrial, governmental, business and private/individual clients. The types of projects include, but are not limited to, water supply investigation and development; surface water and ground water resources evaluation; mineral and precious metal investigation and development; ground water, surface water and environmental impact assessments for mines, developments and other critical facilities; permitting support for mines, developments, water supplies and other critical facilities; subsurface investigation of soil, rock and ground water for geotechnical investigation; evaluation of environmental and property damage claims; assessments of environmental contamination; subsurface investigation and remediation of petroleum and hazardous waste contamination; documentation of site history for environmental damage claims and principal responsible party litigation; validation of chemical data; and environmental site assessments for property transfers.

The professional staff at Alpha has extensive training and experience in the geological and chemical sciences. These professionals provide a range of services that include review and analysis of existing data, project planning, field data collection and analysis, report preparation, regulatory negotiation, expert testimony and public presentations, and field oversight of remedial activities.