Stratigraphy of the Devonian and Upper Silurian in the Vicinity of the Retsof, Sterling, and Hampton Corners Mines in Livingston County, New York

This paper provides detailed stratigraphy from rock core and geophysical log signatures for the Upper Silurian to the Upper Devonion bedrock section. The base of the section starts at the salt beds of the Vernon Formation of the Salina Group and extends through the Middle Devonian Onondaga Formation, Marcellus Shale and Hamilton Group shale, and terminates in the Upper Devonian shales of the Genesee, Sonyea, and West Falls Groups.

Gowan, Samuel W.; Trader, S. M.; Piel, M. E.; and Milliken, L. D.
New York State Museum Map and Chart Series No. 45

ISB #: 1-55557-231-6

Livingston County, New York, Marcellus, Shale, Vernon, Onondaga, Bertie, Salt, Dissolution, Stratigraphy, Devonian, Silurian