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Alpha Geoscience - Providing geologic and hydrogogic services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.
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Alpha Geoscience - Professional consulting in the areas of geology, hydrology, and environmental science.
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About Alpha Geoscience

Alpha Geoscience was founded in 1991 to provide specialized professional consulting services in the areas of geology, hydrology and environmental science.  The professionals at Alpha have been working as consultants to industry and government since the middle 1970s.  Alpha is committed to providing a full range of services that include project planning, field data collection, data analysis, report preparation, expert testimony, regulatory negotiation and project implementation.  Alpha’s philosophy is to establish clear project objectives so that direct and cost-effective solution can be developed.

Alpha Geoscience provides consulting services to clients throughout the United States and internationally.  These consulting services are in a variety of service areas and applications that include but are not limited to:


  • mineral exploration and reserve evaluations (precious metals, industrial minerals, and aggregates)
  • Surface and ground water assessments for water control and potential impacts
  • Mine feasibility
  • Mine planning
  • Identification of mining hazards
  • Assessment and mitigation of mining damage claims
  • Regulatory and permitting support
Alpha Geoscience - Mining and Mineral Resources


Alpha Geoscience - Water Balance Analysis

Environment Contamination Assessment and Mitigation

  • Ground water, surface water, soil and bedrock contamination
  • Hazardous waste and petroleum contamination
  • Subsurface investigation, quantification and delineation of contamination
  • Development of remedial strategies and plans
  • Remediation and Monitoring
  • Expert testimony and negotiations with regulatory bodies and third party participants


Water Resources

  • Delineation and quantification of ground water resources
  • Hydrologic quantification of surface water resources (lakes, reservoirs, and streams, springs and wetlands)
  • Identification and investigation of proposed and existing water supplies for municipal, industrial, commercial and residential developments
  • Assessment of potential impacts on water resource quality, quantity and availability
Water Resource Development


Oil and Gas Development and Storage, Marcellus Shales

Petroleum (Oil and Gas Industry)

  • Geologic and Hydrogeologic investigations to assess integrity of existing subsurface gas storage caverns
  • Geologic and Hydrogeologic investigation for proposed gas storage facilities
  • Assessment of Geologic and Hydrogeologic conditions related to oil and gas drilling and development
  • Evaluation of potential environmental impacts on geologic resources, aquifers, and ground water quality
  • Prepare water use permit applications and act as a regulatory liason on behalf of applicants to local, state, and federal agencies including the Susquehanna River Basin Comission (SRBC).

Environmental and Property Damage Claims

  • Damages from flooding (surface water), seepage (ground water), contamination (soil, rock and water), collapse, and ground movements (collapse, sinkholes, and rock/mud slides)
  • Documentation of historical conditions (air photograph interpretation, file review, site investigations)
  • Evaluation of cause of damage(s)
  • Litigation support
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Expert Testimony


Alpha Geoscience - Property Damage Claims and Air Photo Interpretation


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