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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Database Management

Alpha Geoscience provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technical support and mapping services. GIS involves data collection and/or format conversion, database creation, mapping of geospacial data, data modeling and analysis, and graphical presentations. GIS technology has become an essential tool for any planning or decision making tasks that involve geographic data. Alpha personnel provide services in environmental, exploration, and mining application of GIS that include:

  • Delineate aquifer and aquifer recharge zones.
  • Simulate groundwater flow paths, flow rates, contaminant transport and exposure pathways.
  • Simulate well field drawdown projections for water supply wells.
  • Design dewatering systems for mining and industrial facilities.
  • Simulate water level and flow pattern effects due to dewatering and changes in recharge from mining and industrial facilities.
  • Evaluate groundwater remediation systems.
  • Delineate well capture zones.
Alpha Geoscience - GIS Services, 3D Groundwater Modeling, Digital Mine Mapping, Contaminant Fate and Transport, Recharge Zones

Alpha Geoscience - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technical support and mapping services, Drainage Basing Delineation, Capture Zones, Water Budget Analysis, Prospect Evaluation

Alpha Geoscience provides environmental database management services to manage data generated during an environmental investigation and monitoring programs. The development and management of an efficient database is the core of integrated environmental data management and is a critical component of interpretations. Alpha has broad practical experience with developing, managing, and applying a range of databases, from small to large, and from routine to specialized. Alpha’s experience in this area allows us to select efficient and effective database software for specific client and project needs. The following are examples of some of the specific types of database management applications:

  • Development of custom databases for specialized cases and reporting requirements.
  • Statistical data analysis.
  • General chemical database containing human health and ecological toxicology data, fate and transport parameters, and regulatory screening criteria.
  • Linkage to GIS for mapping results, data evaluation, and visualization

Alpha Geoscience - Environmental Database Management, GIS Data Compilation


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